Stevie McAnaney

Motion Corpse

I had the opportunity to collaborate with 4 other motion designers to create a short animation through Motion Corpse. The concept is simple, but the execution can push your work in new directions. Each artist has a week to create a single frame. That one frame will be the last frame for each of the respected artists. You then receive the frame of another artist and you must transition from theirs to yours in a 5 second animation. 



Designed and Animated by:

Stevie McAnaney (that's me!)  00:02 - 00:07

Alessandra Cugno 00:07 - 00:12

Thiago Luiz 00:12 - 00:17

Vanvelvet 00:17 - 00:22

Lyon Graulty 00:22 - 00:27